Thelia Shelton
The Movement of the Masses series of drawing came about as a result of wanting to combine my love of drawing with my love of abstract painting. The repetition and denseness of the drawing transcend the objects. The subjects themselves either visually move along the paper, illustrate a an idea, or are simple blocks of an idea. The drawings become even more obscured by the visual filter of colour placed in either before or after the piece has been drawn. The play then comes not only from the subject seen up close but the abstraction seen at a distance.

The next series of drawings, The Myths are visual stories. My attraction to the bovine often tells a story of love, sex and internal strengths. The figures are mostly female and the themes are often whimsical.

My latest addition to my body of works are my acrylic on canvas paintings.
These works are directly related to my Myth Series of drawings. This medium allows for much more flexibility, a more immediate response which in some cases makes for a more dynamic images.

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